Kinetic resolution of amines

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Amines are the most important class of chiral organic compounds in modern pharmaceuticals. Although many can be derived from natural sources or produced by enantioselective reactions, resolution of the enantiomers by chromatography of salt formation remains the state of the art. In order to provide a practical approach to enantiopure amines – particularly chiral, saturated N-hetereocycles – we have developed new reagents and catalysts for the simple kinetic resolution.

Through the innovative design and and synthesis of chiral hydroxamic acids, which serve as enantioselective acylating agents, we have identified both catalytic processes and polymer-bound stoichiometric reagents. These provide access to enantioenriched N-heterocycles such as piperidines, morpholines, piperazines, diazepanes, and tetrahydroisoquinones with good selectivity factors and operationally friendly reaction conditions. In collaboration with Roche, we have developed a reusable resin for amine resolution and applied this to the decagram scale production of the anti-malerial agent (+)-mefloquine from its readily available racemate. 

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