Congratulations Dr. Murar!

Massive congratulations to peptide queen Claudia Murar, who successfully defended her PhD thesis today! Claudia's work on the development of the KAHA ligation and its application in protein chemical synthesis has led to a slew of publications and patents, as well as directly inspiring many ongoing projects in the group. Claudia's presence will be treasured here for a little longer as she explores the entrepreneurial possibilities of her PhD work. But first things first: it's champagne time! Read more 


Congratulations Dr. Lüscher!

Huge congratulations to SnAP supremo Dr. Michael Lüscher, who yesterday became our first PhD graduate of 2017! Michael joined the Bode group when SnAP chemistry was in its infancy, and soon became a pivotal figure in its rapid development into the versatile and powerful methodology we know today, with 14 commercially available reagents and four papers on the topic to his name. Michael will soon depart for post-doctoral life at Harvard, and we wish him all the best with everything to come. Read more 


Lasso peptides caught!

Congratulations to Fumito Saito, whose Chemical Science paper was just published! This paper describes the nearly unprecedented chemical synthesis of hybrid lasso peptide scaffolds, as well as in-depth studies of their impressive enzymatic and thermal stabilities. Superb work, Senpai! Read more 


Spanish KAT magic!

Congratulations to Alberto, whose paper was recently accepted for publication in JACS! This paper describes a new amide formation of potassium acyltrifluoroborates (KATs) with primary amines and amides, and represents the first paper to be published by a Bode group 2015 start. Great work, Alberto! Read more 


Raffi got SSCI!

Congratulations to Raphael Hoffman, who was awarded the Scholarship of the Swiss Chemical Industry (SSCI) for his proposal on the site-specific modification of native proteins. Raphael is the first Bode group member to be awarded the fellowship, which he can add to his trophy cabinet beside his recent ETH Medal. Great job! Read more 

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