Congratulations Dr. Rohrbacher!

Massive congratulations to Dr. Florian Rohrbacher, who successfully depended his PhD this week! Florian's diverse body of work within the group, ranging from protecting group development and mechanistic studies to the synthesis of cyclic peptides and proteins, has resulted in six publications and allowed the KAHA ligation to flourish in several new directions. We will miss his presence greatly, and wish him all the best with all of his future adventures. Sail on, captain! Read more 


Congratulations Dr. Harmand!

Congratulations to Dr. Thibault Harmand, who has successfully defended his PhD! Thibault's work on the chemical syntheses of the protein hormone betatrophin and membrane protein IFITM3 has propelled forward the application of the KAHA ligation to synthetically challenging proteins and spearheaded our interest in their chemical biology. Thibault will soon begin his post-doctoral studies in Boston, and we wish him the best of luck with everything the future holds. Bravo, sir! Read more 


AS-48 get!

Congratulations to Florian Rohrbacher and André Zwicky on their new publication in Chemical Science! This paper details the successful chemical synthesis of a antibacterial variant of the cyclic protein AS-48 - a formidably challenging target for any peptide chemist. Biological studies were also carried out on the protein, providing further evidence of its suspected mechanism of action. Great work, guys! Read more 


Congratulations Dr. Murar!

Massive congratulations to peptide queen Claudia Murar, who successfully defended her PhD thesis today! Claudia's work on the development of the KAHA ligation and its application in protein chemical synthesis has led to a slew of publications and patents, as well as directly inspiring many ongoing projects in the group. Claudia's presence will be treasured here for a little longer as she explores the entrepreneurial possibilities of her PhD work. But first things first: it's champagne time! Read more 


Congratulations Dr. Lüscher!

Huge congratulations to SnAP supremo Dr. Michael Lüscher, who yesterday became our first PhD graduate of 2017! Michael joined the Bode group when SnAP chemistry was in its infancy, and soon became a pivotal figure in its rapid development into the versatile and powerful methodology we know today, with 14 commercially available reagents and four papers on the topic to his name. Michael will soon depart for post-doctoral life at Harvard, and we wish him all the best with everything to come. Read more 

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