N-heterocycle synthesis with SnAP chemistry

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UPDATE: In order to support the increasing number of industry professionals and research groups utilizing our SnAP chemistry, we have developed a guide and FAQ to help with potential questions or concerns. Check out our FAQ here!

Saturated N-heterocyclic building blocks are of growing importance in modern small molecule pharmaceuticals, but their synthesis often requires long, inflexible routes or difficult to remove N-protecting groups. In order to establish a cross-coupling approach to C-substituted, N-unprotected morpholines, piperazines, thiomorpholines, diazepanes, and other compounds, including bicyclic and spirocyclic N-heterocycles, we have developed SnAP Reagents for the one-step synthesis of these compounds from aldehydes and ketones.

SnAP Reagents are an ever-expanding class of reagents, which are now available for the convenient one-step synthesis of medium-ring (6-9 membered) saturated N-heterocycles, including bicyclic and spirocyclic structures. They are easy to use, work with a wide variety of aldehydes and ketones – including heteroaromatics, and provide predictable access to some of the most valuable structures in modern drug development. Thanks to the support of an ERC Proof of Concept Grant, many of the SnAP Reagents are now commercially available from Sigma-Aldrich.

More recently, we have developed catalytic variants and established that the mechanism involves a radical pathway. [112] Based on these findings, we are developing new reagent classes using different precursors, such as silicon and halogen based reagents. 

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